Kunst entsteht auch in Krisenzeiten – vielleicht sogar mehr als sonst. Dass der kreative Umgang mit Sprache auch in der Fremdsprache Englisch eindrucksvoll gelingt, haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 9D in einer Unterrichtsequenz zu sozialer Ungerechtigkeit unter Beweis gestellt. Mit der Aufgabe konfrontiert, ihre eigenen protest songs/poems zu schreiben, kamen hervorragende Ergebnisse zu Tage, die wir Ihnen nicht vorenthalten wollen.

Fünf Schülerinnen und Schüler waren bereit, ihre sehr persönlichen Werke zu veröffentlichen.


C. Pelzer


Never Happened

Do you remember when we were running around freely? 
Do you remember when everyone greeted us?
Do you remember when those friendly--
I don't remember because it never happened.

Freedom? Never had it.
Rights? Never had them.
Equality? Have to fight for it.
And Love? Yes.
But they killed him.

And I wonder why,
with each and every day.
Is it for money?
Well, they already stole it from me.

They would do anything to ruin me.
Not just me, loved ones and family.
No exception, didn't think that in the first place.
Come on, you just have to look into my face.

Race, Religion, the barrier is just all made up.
But people are too stubborn to wake up.
"It's totally fine to judge!" They say,
"Oh, it's totally fine to hold a grudge." They say.

"But wait, what if it will change!
And everyone is all nice and friendly.
Recently, someone that hates me was nice to me!"
that never happened.

Someday, oh someday some things will change.
And I will be happy when they do
But for now I will say while we're still trapp’end,
"You're dreaming, that never happened."

by Anonymous



Women’s Lives Matter

Imagine you live in a world
Where everything is turned:
Men are neglected
An women aren’t affected,
They say it isn’t fair that, though
Only the other way around is maybe so

The world isn’t fair
Because all take more care
Of men in our universe
That’s like a false curse

Now it is the women’s turn
They want to say what makes them burn:
The moment I step outside
So many reasons to run and to hide
We can’t do little things oh dear
Because of the men who offset us in fear

The world isn’t fair
Because all take more care
Of men in our universe
That’s like a false curse

by Melina Reinartz and Emily Schreyder

Bad side of street

Don’t pray to God for me, he doesn’t know that I’m alive
He forgot me a long time ago and does not hear my prayers
This street does not cry, this street doesn’t sleep
This street crumbles the bones of serfs with a club.

I would have a vaccine for me for pain, detox
The dog would snarl at me with anger Money is
Never too much bastards say steal
On a Japanese guy, a patrol beckons behind him

On her hands will tremble when thrown to the ground
From the kid’s saloon on her tears on her cheeks
Will be what he sees and understands for the last time
In the wolves, we’re people, they would have caught up, they would have saved
If people weren’t wolves, they would love not betray.

by Rabe2006 and Anonymus_RL